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Home Ventilation In An Older House

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Home Ventilation In An Older House



Based on NASA, chemical plants have contributed greatly to many greenhouse gases which have consequently caused an alarming warming trend leaving serious negative effects in its wake. It’s little wonder that among the factors that most people look for when shopping for a house is an adequately working ventilation system. But what if you should be moving to a classic home that is not fitted with a contemporary ventilation system? The likely solution would be to install one. If you choose to go the DIY route, you might want to really have a few tips in mind.


How Home Ventilation Works

In exactly the same way we want clean air to breathe, so does a house need it to stay fresh. It is very important that the air that is expelled by the house’s inhabitants is replaced with fresh air. In some instances, simply opening some windows is sufficient to let in clean air. However, if you have installed a house heating or cooling system, then allowing in air through the windows or doors may affect its functionality.

A home ventilation system functions by expelling used air and introducing clean air from the outside into the house.

This works because expelled and used air is lighter and floats to the top, while cold fresh air is denser and flows to the bottom; a ventilation system facilities this flow of air.


Tips On Home Ventilation In An Older House

Here are recommendations on how you ought to begin ventilating an older home.


  1. Assess how a former owner maintained the home. If the home seems to be in a bad state of neglect, you may need to restore the entire system. However, if the last owner did a reasonably good job of maintaining, then you may need to restore only a few elements of it.


  1. Do not depend on a house inspector to find out the state of one’s ventilation system. This is because although he or she may be trained to look at a house, generally speaking, only a ventilation system specialist will be able to genuinely determine if it is good enough to function.


  1. If the home you are living in is approaching the 10-year benchmark, then you might want to set aside money to be able to have your ventilation system replaced.

Advantages Of Having A Well Ventilated System


Once you repair a classic or purchase a new ventilation system, there are a number of advantages you’ll enjoy.

  1. Regulate your air. A good ventilation system will know when to bring in the fresh air, as opposed to bringing in fresh air all the time which can lead to high energy bills.


  1. Without proper air circulation, bacteria, damp air, pollutants and allergens will buildup which will often cause the air in your home to be more polluted than the air outside.

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