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Tips to Add Life to Your Dull Decor

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Tips to Add Life to Your Dull Decor



Decorating your home and giving it life is something everyone has dreams of. Your house is a place where you will spend most of your own time and you will definitely want to keep the vibes positive at home. Giving a life to your interior is the very first thing you ought to opt to accomplish because it is your home and it will directly affect your life.

Here we’re with few of the tips and tricks to fill your interiors with the very best of the colours and make it an awesome living space for you.


  1. Try a unique combination by playing around with the walls

Walls make up a house or perhaps a room. All you need to accomplish is simply be creative while providing them with your desired colours. It’s not customary if it is accomplished in the old fashion way. Instead, try painting different colours on different walls. This is one of many new and modern method of giving a completely different angle to your interior decor theme.

Either you are able to choose different colours on different walls or you are able to paint merely a single wall with your favourite colour. This is one of the many means of shifting focal points in your room. Colours are not the only thing which needs to go up on the walls in today’s modern-day homes. You may also add textured velvet cover or perhaps a beautiful wallpaper which can sync well with your other decor elements in your room.


  1. Lighting always has a part

Believe it or not, but lighting is something which will play a major role in defining the beauty of your decor. You are able to go classic by opting for standard lamps and placing them over the table placed just beside your furniture if it’s your living space. If it is your bedroom, you’ll need to position the lamp just beside your bed. There are many ways to spice up your house with lightning, do check out a lighting store for more inspirations to create your perfect home.


  1. Adding a dash of colour to your floor

Give your floor a fashion statement with colourful and modern-day rugs and carpets. They come in a number of colour and design options and you are able to choose the one that suits your existing decor theme. You can be different and playful by picking a large multi-coloured area rug for the living space. Do check out your local rug store to get the rug of your dreams.


  1. Try developing a beautiful interior with mirrors

Sometimes small elements will bring the largest of changes to your decor. Traditionally in old times, mirrors were considered to be the core supply of light as they were used at different angles to reflect sunlight and to lighten up the caves. Though you wouldn’t find primitive men living in caves today you are able to utilize this technique to light your interiors. Mirrors aren’t just used for lighting up the interiors but they can be a creative element in virtually any decor if used smartly.


  1. Giving your space an artistic appeal

This is also something which has gained lots of popularity and people have started incorporating it into their interiors. The best part about it is that it generally does not requires too much of investment or money. It could be achieved with just a vintage frame on your own wall.

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